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Narita Group is extending a wide and fully diversified span of regular and customized training programs, coupled by a competitive group of international professional certificates, and certified programs.

Furthermore, it is Narita Group’s responsibility to provide top quality training responding to the root cause of corporate training needs commonly faced or tailored to meet different challenges. Such a quality is intended without compromising the affordability of the delivered coursed and programs.


Narita Group consultancy helps clients to enhance productivity, unlock innovation and drive corporate performance and value to be able to reinvent themselves with increasing global competition and customer expectations over ten countries, the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Sudan with an ongoing ambitious expansion plan that keeps us permanently close to our clients.



We provide a customer focused approach to recruitment with honest, focused, reliable and offered knowledge and expertise. We deliver fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to our customers with our specialist consultative approach to understanding of the markets, businesses and individuals to deliver a seamless and comprehensive recruitment solution.


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Business Venues Services

Narita Group has some of the biggest and most modern training campuses, their location is convenient, close to many business centers around. The campuses have a specialized library with excellent diversified collection of books, researches and knowledge aid tools, movable class room settings to support and accommodate the training methodology. Our campuses also provide fully equipped computer labs with high speed internet access, along with the latest video-audio technology training tools.

Its concept as an educational complex is designed to accommodate courses, comprehensive programs as well as different events: conferences, exhibitions, seminars and workshops all under one roof.

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