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Corporate Package

Narita Group’s solutions offer a medium for building professional competence, and providing the corporate sector with tailor made solutions with a focus on developing the human capital of international and Egyptian society as a whole.


Narita Group Corporate Package includes and offers the following benefits and rewards to their corporate partners:


Privilege Voucher book

Narita Group issues his on voucher every year, send as a gift to our VIP partners


Flexible schedules

In case of a group or company trainings, we can offer special timing and private courses for the clients according their needs out of the official schedules


Exclusive promotions

on the anniversary of the signed contract date extra discount from the tuition fees,special fare on the birthday of the Holding Company, special promotion on special occasions (like wedding, etc.)


Regular Narita Academy News Letters with its latest updates and promotions

High quality customer service to keep in contact and update VIP partner on a regular basis and send invitations and greetings (Ramadan, Aid, New Year, etc.) for them


Organize special occasions 

if there is a request for it to be able to offer and organize any type of occasions for companies (events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, etc.)


Corporate privilege

According the corporation time between the partner and Narita Group


Membership Card

Each VIP partner is entitled to have Narita Membership Card to register and collect their used trainings, and after the 3. Training courses, he is entitled to get 20 % discount from the next one


VIP Loyalty Club Membership

Over the VIP program treatment the client has a priority to book any courses or events, and ask for special discount related to his Membership card


Cheaper by dozen!* –  (More participant, more benefits)

Every 7th member of your team is free. *Cheaper by dozen! – An American movie, about how to be successful in your life and in your career

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