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Narita Benefits

Narita Group delivers your expectation with creative finance solutions with high standard customer loyalty and life-time relationship management to win the client for a life-time.


Deposit in advance along with monthly payments

25% of deposit is required in advance, which is not refundable, and the rest of the  payment can be paid by monthly over the course of several months or the full contract


Family Benefits

These benefits are also applicable for employees and their families – in case of settled agreement or signed contract, and employees have to provide their relationship with the company (show work contract, employee ID)


Special rate

Student discount, on the spot discount between 5 – 10 %, applying any special promotion through website or social networks

Monthly Payment options

Free monthly payment plan to help manage the education expenses by allowing paying the tuition fee over the course of several months or the full semester, rather than in one lump sum. There are no finance charges, just a low nonrefundable enrollment

Installment payments (with zero interest)

For Credit Card holders, Premium Cards or Al Ahli Cards

Other Services