Old school recruitment practices, are they enough?

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People have been staying with a company where they felt like they could at least predict where their future was going and that they’d have a job tomorrow but now it’s going to create more volatility among the workforce, because people will be more open to looking at other positions.


Strategic recruitment is of vital importance in recruitment planning nowadays. Usefulness of generation approach in identifying the differences between the old generation and the young new generation considering the different needs and attitudes of both generations.


This gives us an idea that the old recruitment practices might not be enough in today’s competitive environment.  Just how intense the competition is in the corporate world today and the fact that approach is so successful is astounding, although the benefits of Internet recruiting exceed drawbacks.


Internet recruiting is still more useful for computer related business sector. Also conclude that despite all other recruitment testing methods Interviews still stand out as one of the best ways to identify and recruit the right person.


The successful recruitment and selection process is that the needs and offers of both organization and the individual must perfectly meet each other.


The fit in term of skills and expertise, as well as value and need, individuals want that the organization which they are thinking of joining must offer some form of development which will enhance their resume.