Who Do You Hire? A Character or a Skill

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By: Amany Osama

R&D Specialist @Narita Group


Big companies believe that the most important factors for achieving continuous and steady investment is the workforce and find the human talent isn’t that ease, especially if your company is still in the beginning with no huge capital, but the annexation efficiencies employees to company certainly would be useful in the long run by giving distinct ideas that would contribute in the organization progress, but what about the personal characteristics of those employees?


Efficient employee is the best company resources. In contrast, the neglected employee would be employer worst nightmares. That depends on how manager was successful in the selection of qualified staff. Responsible employees will also contribute in achieving success and stability of the positive atmosphere in the organization, while passive employees will spread frustration and cause anxiety and stress for managers and colleagues


Therefore, hiring for the personal characteristics for candidates would be much better than hiring for their competences, many of the work problems and obstacles are directly related to the personality, reactions and methods of decision making was occurring under the influence of psychological and intellectual composition of the employee,


Emotional employee made decisions mainly with emotions, rational employee would take his time in thinking and analysis for taking any decisions, some employees don’t like to work in a teamwork and prefer the solo work, this does not necessarily explain that they don’t possess team spirit, but they probably tend to the quiet think, reflection and writing down their thoughts more than working in team. All of those perhaps have the necessary skills, but they don’t have the appropriate personality traits for the success of the work environment and to achieve the desired success.