R&D and creating a competitive advantage

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No one can deny the importance of research and development function within the organization with its contribution to the creation and provision of information and knowledge relating to the organization internal and external activities, which helps the organization to make optimal decisions to face the competition challenges caused by the economic globalization, especially with  the emergence of the digital and knowledge-based economies which mainly based on numbers and data, we can come up with the inevitable and realistic role of research and development function in establishing and achieving new competitive advantage to ensure continuity of the organization in all respects


There are many questions to answer about tasks managed by research and development department in the organization such as, how to set prices using competitive pricing? Who is your customer, and what are their needs? What are the existing problems and constraints in the market? etc.


The organization with its researches should reach a thorough knowledge of the consumer preferences to be able to provide what helps them meet their needs in order to win them for a life-time. Therefore, finding new competitive advantage will enable direct contact between the company and its end customers, when this occurs consumer will become a key player assisting the organization in making strategic and competitiveness decision that they even help in the studies and researches related to administrative management which raising the efficiency of the human factor and capacities building.


Knowledge in this field reflected in providing the appropriate environment for the integrated and balanced efficiency to be able to assume their responsibilities, Practices as well as increasing their Before psychological readiness for team-working what would build employee-organization relationship in order to achieve internal appropriate working environment for starting proper steps towards competitive challenges.