Fishbone … Problem Solving Technique

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Since the beginning of the fifties of this century, a Japanese scientist called “Karo aishkawa” developed a method wholesale mlb jerseys to cheap jerseys analyze the relation between wholesale jerseys Cause Of in and Problem, this model helps to facilitate wholesale jerseys the identification of complex problems and analysis into small problems to make it easier to find problem’s solutions and interpretation wat on latest a model looks like fish bones, therefore some called it (Fishbone analysis) since s the final form of this scheme is similar to fish bones, Fish head is a the main problem, and each sub-bone of the spine represents a key element for this problem.


The model features

There are many advantages for using the Federer Fishbone diagram For example:

  1. Helps the team to wholesale NBA jerseys resolve the problem with concentration, therefore exclude the non-intrinsic elements and save time for studying the real problem’s reasons.
  2. Helps the team to collect detailed information about the problem and its edges.
  3. This model helps in all kinds of problems analysis.


How can you use it?

There are certain steps that must be followed to design this diagram listed as follows:

  1. Draw a Fishbone Diagram, by drawing a horizontal line (the central spine of the fish) in the center of the page then draw a fish head in a triangle or circle.
  2. Write the main problem in the fish’s head.
  3. Collect jerseys information about the key aspects of wholesale nfl jerseys the fish spine, Draw wholesale jerseys China lines just off the central spine. Record the key elements that affect this problem in its place, according to the chart.
  4. Retrieve all the problems that may be the cheap jerseys Niche cause of each element, you can also make sub-elements cheap jerseys China for each key cheap jerseys China element. Thus we define sub-causes of the major reasons for the problem on each branch Football of the fish spine.
  5. Then write off the reasons/main cheap nfl jerseys and sub-elements that you recognized have that they in are not the real cause of this problem, then you will see the rest of the main causes cheap NFL jerseys of the problem.
  6. Then develop a plan to address and resolve the problem through identifying the real causes and its real impact on the problem.


As we can see, this method is easy to use and Warriors helps to reach the real causes in Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys a short time. It’s also useful in thinking in an organized way; since every reason is written and what is excluded won’t be discoed again.

To feel the value of this diagram try to use it to solve a problem.