A quick roadmap to digital strategy

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By: Karim Yehia

Marketing Manager @Narita Group


What’s a digital strategy?

In order to define the term digital strategy we need to break it into Digital as the umbrella term used to capture a broad base of online or web accessible medias, channels, technologies or devices such as websites, portals, ads, social networks, digital signage, mobile and so much more then comes Strategy which is simply the is the recommended approach to cheap mlb jerseys achieve a set of objectives.


Generally, we can say that Digital strategies provide measurable direction on how use digital to achieve a vision and its specific business, brand and/or marketing objectives. It’s the path we need to Sports follow to reach previously planned objectives or in different words, strategy is how the gap to future goals will be addressed.



Why should we initiate a digital strategy exercise?

In wholesale nfl jerseys most of the cases, such an exercise is useful to identify how the consumer interacts today and to assess the digital’s impact on that purchasing process or customer experience as well as create alignment on digital understanding, opportunities and planning. On the other side, digital strategy exercise is a tool to address a new vision, unsatisfactory current position, or competitive incursions. Also in prioritizing the CEREALES, many digital opportunities facing an organization and understanding the new brand realities such as WOM and communities around the brand.


What’s the simplest approach to a digital strategy?


The simplest methodology consists of 4 main steps which can be briefed as following:

  • Knowing your current standing through analyzing customer insights, auditing competitive advantage and assessing brand performance.
  • Knowing where you want to be by linking wholesale nba jerseys to the company objectives and the digital vision.
  • Knowing how to Super get there by creating a roadmap Solving of tactics and focusing on customer experience through creating customer personas and mapping their flows.
  • Knowing the impact you made by creating the success KPIs that must be smart and measurable, a balance score sheet is an effective way to follow this.